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Take charge of your health with the following:

Joint and soft tissue injections

For osteoarthritis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome  

• Steroid joint injections

• Autologous blood injections

• Viscosupplement OSTENIL®

Hay fever

• Kenalog® injection

Female health

• Contraception coil removal

• Contraception coil insertion

• Private smear test

Blood tests for allergies / intolerances 

• UK profile

• Mediterranean profile

• Eczema provoking profile

• Rhinitis provoking profile

• Gluten allergy profile

• IgE full allergy profile

IM (intramuscular) vitamin injections 

• B12 vitamin injection


Minor surgery

• Removal of skin lesions, moles and skin tags 

• Removal of sebaceous cysts

• Removal of small lipomas

• Curettage (D&C)

• Small ‘lumps and bumps’ (except on face and genital areas )

• Aspiration of cyst or bursa (except on face and genital areas)


Home visits for medical and / or health assessments (covering London, Hertfordshire and Essex areas only)

Private blood tests for health check

Health assessments and Well Woman / Well Man checks


Private specialist referrals 

Please contact us to discuss further.

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