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Joint injections

These can be used to treat pain and inflammation from a variety of medical conditions. They help to reduce swelling and inflammation of that area. 

Those that suffer with Arthritis, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Capsulitis, Epicondylitis, Shoulder Impingement, Tendonitis and Trigger points could benefit from this type of therapy.

The substance injected can be 
Viscosupplement OSTENIL (R)
Or the persons own blood ( autologous blood) 
PEach has advantages and disadvantages and the doctor will discuss with you the options and which would work for your particular condition

Steroids are powerful anti-inflammatory medications and also have separate pain relieving properties. They can work quickly and effectively to provide relief and this can be long lasting particularly if the condition involves inflammation in the joint for example gout or inflammatory arthritis, They are also useful to treat painful flare ups of osteoarthritis

Viscosupplements are substances that mimic the natural joint fluid produced by the body and contained within joints. They are effective at producing pain relief and do not have any of the side effects associated with steroid. They can be used for pain due to osteoarthritis.

Autologous blood is the patients own blood which is mixed with a small amount of local anaesthetic and injected at sites of pain and impaired tendon healing for instance tennis or golfers elbow. Blood contains growth factors which stimulate the body’s own healing process and encourage tendon repair and growth.

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