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Take charge of your health


GP video consultation                    £100

(Includes 40 minutes GP consultation, required prescriptions and referrals to specialists/letter to your NHS GP)


Joint and soft tissue and other injections

For osteoarthritis of knee/shoulder/thumb joint, tennis and golfer’s elbow, frozen shoulder, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis

Steroid joint injection                     £150 or £250* for two areas

Autologous blood injection           £200

Viscosupplement OSTENIL®        £250

Hay fever

Kenalog® injection                         £130



Contraception coil removal        £100

Contraception coil insertion and removal of existing coil      £100 (cost of coil not included)

Private blood tests for allergies/intolerances

UK profile                                £440                         

Mediterranean profile                   £390                 

Eczema provoking profile             £420           

Rhinitis provoking profile              £420            

Gluten allergy profile                    £600                  

IgE children’s allergy profile         £500       

IgE full allergy profile                    £800                 


Private blood tests for health check       Price on enquiry


Private specialist referrals         £60


Health assessments, Well Woman/Well Man checks      Starting from £100

IM Vitamin Injections                      

B12 vitamin injection                      £30                                 



Skin tag and skin lesion removal 

Starting from £200, based on individual assessment 


Minor surgery

Prices for minor surgery procedures will be based on individual treatment required. Contact us to discuss further.

* Combo prices are based on treatment being carried out on the same individual on the same day. 

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