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Dermal fillers are a non-invasive treatment for smoother, more youthful skin. Injecting tiny amounts of dermal filler gel under the skin with a very fine needle provide instant volume and smoothness. Treatment typically takes between 15-30 minutes and results are almost immediately visible.


Safe and long lasting, dermal fillers provide a youthful lift to your appearance and an invaluable boost to your confidence.


What areas are dermal fillers used for? 
Dermal fillers can be used for a range of treatments, including to:

• Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles almost anywhere on the face

• Redefine or soften the contours of your face, such as the chin or cheeks

• Redefine your jaw line and recreate your youthful features

• Benefit from healthier, more youthful looking facial skin


What happens after the treatment?

Dermal fillers provide almost instant results – the skin’s surface is ‘plumped up’, the appearance of lines and wrinkles are diminished and there is a marked improvement in suppleness. 

You will notice that your skin feels and looks firmer, appears healthier and has a more vital and youthful glow.

For optimum results, a top-up treatment may be recommended approximately 6-12 months after your first appointment.


Who can’t use dermal fillers?

The treatment should not be used in or near areas of skin where there is currently, or has previously been skin disease or inflammation. 

Dermal fillers are not advised for breast-feeding women. 

People with an impaired immune system or anyone undergoing chemotherapy or other therapies that suppress the function of the immune system are at greater risk of skin infection and should not be treated with dermal fillers.

Please discuss your medical history in full during your pre-treatment consultation.

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